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Jose M Sanchez is a lifelong learner, educator and technologist who emphasizes the use of technology to produce engaging, effective and well-designed digital educational resources with the help of standard applications or by using programming and markup languages. Interested in Front-End-Development, Technology and Education and Languages. Versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, GIT, JQuery, Responsive Design.

The projects presented in this portfolio were created during my training with TECHHire Milwaukee UMOS which lead to passing the Microsoft Exam 70-480 and my Master's Degree in Technology and Education. At the moment, my main interest is WordPress, Javascript and PHP.

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TechHire UMOS WordPress Version

 TechHire Wordpress Image - Project

This WordPress version of the TechHire UMOS website was created using the free version of WordPress during my training with TechHire.
It includes some CSS customizations as well as some changes in the overall HTML structure of the theme.

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This Web Application was created in order to demonstrate the use of PHP to make calculations based on data provided by the user.

Source Code

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Web Progressive APP

Image of Techfest App

This project created for the Crooms High School TechFest demonstrate the understanding of Web Progressive Apps. This application is totally installable and usable offline.

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This PIXEL CREATOR application was created to demonstrate JavaScript DOM manipulation as well as loop functions during my UDACITY Training.

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TABLEAU - Data Visualization

This project demonstrates the use of TABLEAU Professional to visualize data interactively.

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HTML email Sample

This HTML Email demonstrate the use of tables to create responsive layouts in any device, a key concept while designing html emails for marketing campaigns.

Source Code

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El Sistema WordPress

I perform website maintenance and updates for this non-profit organization.

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Beat Hunger Now

This project was created using Bootstrap and Google Mpas API. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the use of API's but also, this is real life application that citizens who live in Seminole County FL can use to identify places where food is provided for free to families in need.

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JobStatistics WI

This web application was created with the idea of showing statistics on Job Growth in the state of Wisconsin all the way to 2018. This projects demonstrates the use of PHP/Ajax and MySQL. It also includes Google Charts and a Login System created using PHP.

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WordPress CMS

This Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) was created while delivering Helpdesk Analyst training at UMOS TechHire. I used the "CoursePress" plugin to manage participation, create surveys and evaluate our participants.

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TechHire Employers

TechHire Employers Website

This website was created using Boostrap, JQuery, JavaScript and PHP. I created this site while working as program Coordinator for UMOS TechHire. The site provides the necessary information employers need to know to join our programn.

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